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Start Your Own Hobby Farm!

If you want to escape to the country like us, you might want to think about a rural lifestyle which can produce a supplementary income, and is a really interesting and paying hobby with a lot of avenues to explore.

As you will have noticed, our main website and indeed our business is devoted to alpacas, but we also have a few sheep and a small flock of hens.

Alpaca and cria


You will find plenty of information about alpacas on other pages of this website, but they fit in very well with other livestock including (from our own experience) goats, sheep and chickens.

Gotland Sheep

Gotland Sheep

Alpacas are well known for their sheep guarding (during lambing especially), and after an introductory period whilst they get used to each other, they will live alongside each other very happily. We used to keep Gotland Sheep alongside our alpacas and it worked very well.



Nothing can beat a hobby farm with its own hens and free range eggs. You can have just a few to meet your household needs as part of a self sufficiency plan or you can make them a bigger part of your enterprise and sell your surplus eggs and even breed your own chickens to sell on. We just leave the eggs at the farm gate and people leave the money in an honesty box. Our hens pay for themselves, and in addition give us lovely fresh eggs whenever we want them, which saves us money when we go shopping.

Chickens and alpacas

Fun Farming

Amateur farming with your own Sheep, Alpacas and Chickens could be the start of a really great rural lifestyle with as much or as little work as you decide – governed by numbers, whether you decide to breed, or to just keep the animals as field pets.