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16th January 2015

At last some dry weather. The alpacas have all become used to feeding in the barn and so they roll up at about 4 p.m. when I put the chickens away. We also keep their water just inside the barn in a raised trough. It is very convenient and it means that the food is eaten or g.....more

Laurel Farm AlpacasHere at Laurel Farm Alpaca Breeders we offer a down to earth approach to keeping these fascinating animals. We can answer all your questions, and share our experience of setting up and starting out in the industry. We offer as much after sales help and back up as you feel you need and if you do not have your own land we can keep your alpacas here until you are ready to take them, or permanently as some clients prefer.

Phone Mike or Geraldine Thomas or email us with any queries or to arrange a farm visit.

We are constantly improving the quality of our herd through our own breeding programme enhanced by outside blood lines and are particularly interested in keeping the wonderful variety of colour, which distinguishes the alpaca. We have a herd of over fifty alpacas and are able to offer customers a very good selection of affordable attractive alpacas for sale—some of which are featured on our sales page but it is well worth coming to visit us or phoning for a chat so we can discuss your best options which may include alpacas not advertised.

There are many different reasons for keeping alpacas—for fleece production, breeding or simply as attractive field pets/lawn mowers. Pregnant alpaca females, young females, young intact males and wethers are always available at Laurel Farm. All the pregnant female alpacas we have for sale come with a live birth guarantee including free repeat mating if unsuccessful and half price re-mating to one of our males standing at stud in subsequent years.

Alpaca Information. Here at Laurel Farm Alpacas we are always happy to supply as much useful information as we can. See our Alpaca Information page which gives a short history of the alpaca together with a summary of the current state of the alpaca industry. We also supply Gina Bromage’s excellent Guide to the Management of Llamas and Alpacas, which we have found covers all the information which the new alpaca owner is likely to need. Click here to find out why Alpacas are so rewarding.

Alpaca Sales. All alpacas leaving Laurel Farm will be up to date with all their husbandry such as worming, vaccinations, and trimmed toe nails.

Alpaca wool and garments made from our own very fine alpaca wool are available at Laurel Farm, in our farm shop and online. Our alpacas are sheared once a year, and we keep some of the fleece for sale direct to hand spinners, while the rest is sent to be spun into high quality knitting wool for sale or hand knitted into a selection of hats, scarves, snoods, and jumpers. We also sell alpaca socks.

We are Alpaca Farmers on the Devon/Somerset border in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Situated on the Main A358 between Chard and Axminster with stunning views of the Devon countryside. Easy access from the M5 and A303.